Job Search Tools

How many times have you been shown how to write an effective resume; but, not shown what tools are available and how to use them to help you in your job search? The use of effective search tools and a defined process will definitely increase your chances of finding the career of your dreams!


The following three Internet -based “search tools” allows you to effectively search for a position while maximizing your time in any given period.


The website is a job aggregator allowing you to centralize all of the “hunting” you do with a myriad of different job boards. You type in two fields to include the job title and the location. The results “pull” all of the jobs from the web that have both the job title and the location in the same advertisement.


The website provides you with valuable information in reference to the fair and marketable salary for the position in which you are interested.


The website allows you to select a career field/job title and search for any company who does that type of work in the organization.  You have the capability to filter the information to provide a even more focused search.  Items such as zip code, number of employees, and revenue produced to name just a view.


Access to the type of information from the three different websites, combined with a “hard-hitting” resume and a polished interview & salary negotiation skills can put you ahead of the pack. It can be a “game-changer!”


For more information: JumpStart Resumes

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