5 Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

Ever wonder how to increase the odds of getting a personal interview? In today’s society getting passed the phone interviews can be tricky. Previously, employers wanted to meet job candidates in person, but now due to time constraints, everything is being done via phone or internet.

In the economy today there is so much competition for jobs. Employers now get swamped with applicants and meeting with every applicant is impossible. The telephone interview became the first step, in what can be a long process. So to get you off to a good start of getting an on-site interview, here are five tips to ace the phone interview:

Tip #1 If you have a scheduled phone interview, it’s best to prepare ahead of time; just like you would for an on-site interview. Researching the company beforehand can make or break the chances of making it to the next step in the interview process. When researching the company, their website is going to be the main place you will want to start. Other tools to investigate the company could be social media, news articles, and word of mouth. Once you have collected a good amount of information about the business, you will be able to identify their needs, and how you can fill that void.

Tip #2 Have your resume handy! Chances are the interviewer is looking at your resume while speaking to you, and that will allow you to highlight some of your accomplishments. Remember to formulate your responses in way that fills the employer’s needs, and give examples of previous experiences that makes you the best fit for the position.

Tip #3 When looking at your resume are there any periods of unemployment? Do you have difficulty discussing your reasons for seeking new employment? Tip #3 is to practice your answers with friends. Practicing your responses as to why you had to take time off, or leave a certain company will give the interviewer a clearer understanding of your history. At times it can be difficult not to describe previous jobs, or employers in a good light, but do your best not to speak of them in a completely negative way.

Tip #4 Aim to discuss the attributes of previous positions and describe your performance in detail. The goal is to establish ways that you were successful when overcoming challenges, and examples of how you improved the situation. If you have numbers that can help demonstrate how the changes you implemented were successful, use them! Make sure you memorize the numbers to keep from giving misinformation.

Tip #5 In today’s job force, taking charge of towards the end of the call can be a great strategy. Using this strategy allows you to reiterate your enthusiasm for the position, and recap the highlights of why you would be best suited for the position.  And finally, assume the greenlight for the next step in the hiring process. Ask “What is the next step, (interviewer’s name)? When does the staffing coordinator normally have interview appointments?” Due to this type of initiative, this strategy could inspire the interviewer to potentially schedule the on-site interview, or keep you from waiting for a call that will never happen.

Remember to smile, while you use these 5 tips to ace your next phone interview!

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