The Importance of the Resume “Objective Statement”

After reviewing and adding comment to several resume writing and job hunting discussions groups, via the Internet, I’ve notice a variety of views on the need for an “Objective” in the resume.   I have been in recruiting for more than 17 years and have been able to gather plenty of statistics about recruiter performance.  The average recruiter with handle between 12-17 open positions at any one time.  Even though we are suppose to be moving toward a “paperless” society; in my opinion, most recruiters are “paper-driven” when they are reviewing resumes. 

 Most recruiters will take an average of 30-45 seconds to quickly review your resume. Now think about that – if the recruiter is working 12-17 open positions at one time; how are they going to keep track of their “paper” resumes – they will focus on the “Objective “ to ensure it gets into the right stack.   The stack with that title then gets turned into three stacks – Yes, Maybe and No. You want your resume in the “Yes” stack. 

If your resume has a long and flowery “Objective” Statement such as “I want to use my talents to further the goals of the organization….” it will probably be placed in the “Maybe” stack because the recruiter may not understand what exact position you are applying for within their organization. 

Help the recruiter with your Objective” Statement and get your resume to the “Yes” stack.

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