4 Tips to Successful Salary Negotiations

There are four main strategies to use in optimizing your position during salary negotiations. Each one is aimed at getting the hiring manager to disclose their offer before you state a number.

1—Deflect The Question
The first time that you are asked about salary, especially if it comes early in the interview process, try to deflect the question with something like: “Salary is one of the things I’m looking at but, since it’s early in the discussion, could we put that off until later, after you have had a chance to learn more about me and I have learned more about the requirements of the specific position?”

2—Turn The Question Around
When the salary question comes up again, try to get the employer to state a figure first by responding with something like, “Well, I’m sure you have a range in mind for the position, would you mind sharing what that is?”

3—State A Range Only
Before you interview, you should research what the typical salary range is for the type of position you are seeking, at the appropriate level, industry and geographic location you are targeting. When you are asked about salary, you can respond with something like: “Salary won’t be a problem. According to my research, similar positions are paying in the range of $xxx to $xxxx.”

4—Reassure the Interviewer
At any time that the salary issue comes up, reassure the interviewer that salary won’t be a problem, and proceed with determining if this is the right fit for both of you. A sample response might be: “If I’m the right person for the position, I’m sure that salary won’t be a problem.”

For all of this to work properly, you need to have a quality resume, polished interviewing skills, and understand the importance of keeping in touch with everyone in your network. For other job hunting tips, or professional assistance visit our site at JumpStartResumes.com.

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